Exhibitions Power ON January 2015 Noida

Over 300 million people still have no access to electricity, which is why solar power is being seen as a viable, long-term source of clean energy. Solar energy, a clean renewable resource with zero emissions, has tremendous potential of energy to be harnessed using a variety of devices. India is on course to emerge as a solar power hub, and will become one of the largest green energy producers in the world. This can be clearly seen from the fact that India has become the second-biggest solar-energy installer in the world in just two years. Also, according to estimates, Indian solar-energy capacity will get increased by 300 percent this year and next.

Exhibitios Power On January 2016 Ahemdabad

Rapid growth that India envisions through the Smart Cities Mission is not possible without the right framework and presence of industry leaders. The government and policy makers can create a strong foundation to pave the way for India’s rapid growth, however, a proactive approach from industry will be the way to take the policy forward, and to bring up real capacity addition.

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The exhibition show directory is a source of information, which makes it an important branding tool. The contents in this reference book include the list of exhibitors with their company and product profiles, and the conference program. The show directory is distributed to exhibitors, delegates, government authorities, sponsors and visitors. 10,000 copies of the show directory will be printed, and distributed from the commencement of the expo.